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Faith After Abuse: Moving Forward

Saturday, April 15, 2023

Recovering With Grace/Domestic Violence/Faith After Abuse: Moving Forward

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Stephann Elizabeth

Migrated Article - Original Post Date September 20, 2020

Many of us wonder how to move forward with our faith after abuse. I can give you a list of things to show you the right path financially or emotionally. However, the basis of those pillars in your life is your spiritual path.

How do you have the will to make money if your spirit is broken? How can you pull yourself up by the bootstraps emotionally if your spirituality is lacking? Even taking care of your own body goes by the wayside if you are spiritually lacking. You should care for the body your creator made for you if you believe it was Him who did it for you and believe in His good purpose for your life.

God Closes the Wrong Doors

With a broken spirit, you feel like you do everything wrong. You can work to get to the place you want to be and find that every door is closed to you. The truth is that closed doors are not for you; God guides you to the correct door to bring you back to His place of peace and calm after the abuse you endured. He gave us all free will and this means that sometimes we wander off his path for us and into the wilderness, but He will gently close doors to make His greater design the apparent pattern for your life.

We can always find a way around these closed doors by backtracking to past abuses or forcing an opportunity before its time. However, this is the opposite of what we want for ourselves because the intention of leaving an abusive environment is to never go back to another one. Let go and find any way you can to be ok with the closed doors in your life. God will take care of the rest. Find your comfort and refuge in our Father in Heaven, and you will be ready for the journey back to His ultimate goal in your life: coming home to Him.

Faith in Light of Abuse

If you had faith before your abuse this may be easier for you than someone who didn’t know of our Father in Heaven and how much He loves us. But at times, those with faith are the most broken after abuse because they falsely believed that our Father did this to them or that He allowed it to happen. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. He loves us so much that He doesn’t force our decisions, so He can never force us into or out of situations we find ourselves in. His love never stops, so our freedom will never stop. We are responsible for making the decision to follow Him.

My six-year-old daughter delivered a sermon to me. Often, we think that we don’t see God in our lives. My six-year-old daughter, who was four at the time, replied to me, “Daddy goes to work, but he doesn’t disappear.” This one-sentence sermon she delivered encompassed what God does when things are at their worst in our lives. He goes to work, thus we may not feel Him near. Our Father works every moment of the entirety of time and space. We may not always feel Him near us, but He is always moving things into our path to lead us home.

Finding Faith

If you didn’t have a strong faith before your abuse, there are ways for you to learn how to start your relationship with our Father in Heaven. You’ll find a strong community of believers with us in our online support group. Our mission is to be a hand to hold, an ear to listen, and a mouth to speak victory into your lives.

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